Marina Maximilian

My Boy


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About The ​Project

Ukraine-born singer, songwriter, and actress Marina Maximilian emigrated to Israel at the age of three. She studied with her mother, a classical pianist, sang in choirs, attended a music conservatory, and by the age of fifteen was performing in front of thousands at the Red Sea Jazz Festival.
Being a star comes with some baggage – like personal managers with high expectations. "That can create artificial pressure when we're making songs, because everyone expects a hit," Muskat explains. But the combination of Maximilian’ s humility and undeniable talent makes all the tensiondisappear. "Every time we’ re in the studio together, the music always comes out a bit off-center, and everyone starts getting worried," Muskat laughs. "But the proof is in the end result."
Maximilian and Muskat wanted a vintage-sounding sample for 'My Boy', so the producer recorded and re-recorded into a tape machine until he found the perfectly damaged sound. "Tamir is really inspiring to work with," Marina says. "He has an amazing brain. I learn so much every time."
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